Good Parenting Isn’t Easy

Good parenting isn't easy
Being a good parent isn’t easy. Honestly it’s not always fun either. No one said it would be. If they did they were lying to you. Parenting is tough. Especially when you have to stand your ground. 
Do you have a strong willed child? If you’re thinking…Hmm..I’m not sure. Then you don’t. You will know if you have a strong willed child. Trust me, you would know. 
This past week was my oldest daughter’s birthday. She wanted to celebrate with frozen yogurt after supper. Sounded like a great idea to me. We were all seated around the dinner table finishing up supper. I had made chicken casserole per the birthday girl’s request.
My two year old wasn’t touching it. He took one bite. I told him if he didn’t finish his supper he wouldn’t be getting frozen yogurt like everyone else. He is strong willed that two year old. Lucky for him he has a precious angelic little face to go along with that strong will.
He didn’t finish his dinner. No where close.
We were not going to sit around the table waiting on him to not eat. Everyone was done but him. There were even a few who had seconds! He clearly had plenty of time to eat his small portion. 
I had already laid out the law of the land. Don’t finish your supper – No Fro yo for you!
I had to stand my ground. 
It was a battle of the wills and Momma is gonna WIN! 
So…. I packed it up and took it with us. 
Here he is in all his glory. 
See…. sweet face.
He took one more bite but never finished his dinner. He didn’t get frozen yogurt that night.
I wanted him to eat yogurt with us. I would have loved to have seen his face while he piled on the toppings. (FYI- fruity pebbles tastes amazing on fro yo, you’re welcome)
More importantly I want him to learn that I mean what I say. 
You can’t waiver when it comes to parenting. Your children need you to be consistent. They need boundaries, rules and consequences.
My desire is that they will obey Momma, because one day they will need to obey God.
It starts when they are small.
As a parent you must walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
Sometimes it isn’t easy or fun.
But you know what? Next time we are planning on going to get frozen yogurt and I tell him he must eat all his dinner I’m sure he will cause he knows momma means business. Then I will get to praise him once he does. That will make it all worth it.

Just A Reminder

(These are my littles. They are my world. It’s such an honor to be their mother.)

Just A Reminder

Just a reminder…

When she has friends spend the night let them paint your nails and do your make-up
When she asks you to watch her perform her dance, watch intensively.
When she tells stories, listen.
Let her dress herself often, it will build her self esteem.
Take the time to listen to her, she has a lot to say. About everything.
When he tells a joke laugh sincerely.
Let him wear his dragon costume everywhere.
When he doesn’t understand take the time to explain it.
When he’s scared to go down the waterside, go with him.
When he asks you to play trains, stop and play.
When he wakes up at 5am consider it more snuggle time.
When he says momma all day long, soak it up.
Play peek a boo often.
Tickle wrestle at least three times a day.
Let them help in the kitchen, even if it’s a bigger mess, it’s worth it.
Read to them.
Play with them at the park.
Jump in the bounce house with them.
Put your phone down.
Set time limits for TV and electronics.
Take them on dates – one on one time.
Teach them to create things with their hands (sew, paint, woodwork).
Tell them stories of when you were a kid, they’ll love it.
Teach them how to clean, and be joyful during the chore.
Teach them what family means.
Pray with them.
Pray for them.
Tell them who they are in Christ.
Know scripture so you can teach them how and when it applies.
Grow a garden, I promise they will be happy to eat the vegetables.
Apologize to them when you make a mistake.
Love your spouse in front of them.
Teach them the value of hard work.
Show them grace.
Tell them how much you love them several times a day.
Hug and kiss them as much as possible.

Never stop trying to be a better parent for them. I heard once that parenting is like dancing with the music constantly changing. A new song requires a different dance. Rejoice in i! It goes by way too fast!

I’m currently reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp. You might enjoy it as well.

A Life Experience Dealing with Varicose Veins in a Family Member


As a child, I always looked at my mother’s legs wondering why she has blue and green veins all populating random parts of her skin on her calves and thighs. Now mind you, my mother is the most vain woman I have ever met, so it became a very, very big deal inside of my household when these veins became visible on her. She was always looking at herself in the mirror commenting on her looks. She also had plastic surgery several times, foregoing the more conservative measures that can be taken to help with varicose veins, such as compression stockings. Nope, she decided to go under the knife for these and some other issues that she wanted changed on her body. So being that she was so narcissistic, I always knew better than to inquire as to what they were, lest I risk starting a pity party and 12-hour-long crying and complaining session.

I noticed as she and I got older they progressively looked more prominent in color. They also began to bulge out and becomes more and more visible. When I was older, and we formed a more personal relationship, she told me they were called varicose veins, and that they were a direct result of her having stood on her feet for 8-10 hours a day for 20 years while she was a bank teller. She also told me that they were hereditary, and her mother as well as her sisters all dealt with having this issue. That was the moment I realized that these unsightly veins could become part of my future. We both laughed hysterically for almost five minutes, and then I began thinking of ways that I could prevent this from happening to me in the future.

From that moment in time, I made the decision to keep my legs particularly in shape in order to make sure I did not get them like they did, as well as to prevent any minor varicosity from forming. At the time of this writing, I am thirty-two years old and have a few minor occurrences, but they are small and only on the backs of my feet ankles. These probably occurred due to some of the activities I participated in when I was younger. For instance, I danced ballet, point, jazz, and modern from a small child all through my formative years until around eight-teen. I really believe that dancing was what truly kept my legs looking good and varicose veins almost non-existent. However, the small ones on my feet were probably also a direct result of standing on my feet for long periods of time during these dancing sessions. As an adult, after I stopped dancing, I have always performed vigorous leg exercises to keep my legs in top shape to prevent both these varicose veins as well as other issues, such as cellulite.

All in all, I believe that the experiences of my youth, in dealing with a mother who was self-absorbed and vain experience major cosmetic issues, such as these varicose veins, definitely gave me the motivation to do everything possible to employ preventive measures to make sure that my legs did not end up that way. So far, so good; here’s to hoping that as I enter into my 40‘s, these exercise methods are enough to stall such problems.

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Sweet Baby Girl and VO2 Max Interval to Start The Day

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Sweet Baby Girl

I can’t believe it – my sweet baby girl turned 2 today! 7 days old! 2 years old today! Happy Birthday my angel.

I am not really sure where the time went. It seems that I was in the hospital just yesterday hoping for a perfect baby girl to be born. Luckily that is what I got!

She is her own little individual – a fireball and she keeps us on our toes for sure. I started her birthday off with a nice 5 mile VO2 max interval run. My fastest mile was at 9:14/mile pace.It was a wonderfully cool Fall morning which I was really happy for by the end of this run. My legs felt like Jell-O when I was done. The rest of our day has been about running errands, getting G’s cake for tonight, picking out her gift from her brother, and some other random things. We got a really late start since I think G must have known it was her Birthday because she slept in till 10:15. She hasn’t done that in months. She really does like to sleep.

Here is G’s short 2 years in a few bunch of pictures! I can’t believe this was 2 whole years ago! Her first week home! Our little Glow Worm! She had to be on a Bili Bed for her Jaundice for about 7 days. About 3 months old 9 months – She loved playing in the sand at the Beach! 1st Birthday! She loved the cake and can still pretty much inhale any dessert. Can’t imagine where she got that from. She loved C’s toolbench way more than her kitchen! She is a sweet girl but not girly at all.

She is definitely a water baby – she could swim for hours.1 1/2 years – I think she ate her weight in Strawberries. She wasn’t very helpful in filling up the basket. Go Tigers– About 22 months old. It’s hard to tell but the curls are out of control. I love them and hope she never looses them.

She absolutely loves our Dogs! We will be celebrating tonight with our little fam! She is so lucky to be spending the rest of the week celebrating too – her aunt and cousin are coming tomorrow, my mom is coming Thursday and C’s parents are coming Thursday night. What a lucky little girl. I guess we get to have cake every night this week!

How was your training today? What is the longest you have celebrated your kids birthdays? How has time gone by for you since having kids if you have any?

Where To Find The Support You Need From Home School Groups

Home school groups can play an absolutely vital role in allowing parents with homeschooling children to cope with what is always going to be a difficult assignment. There is so much that you will need to attend to, and at the start much of it will seem unfamiliar. You will basically have to fill the roles of several different people all at once. In a traditional learning environment, a pupil is taught by several different teachers, all of whom are specialists in their own subject area. Administrators, who keep and file records, are usually different people altogether.

When you finally make the choice to begin homeschooling, you will be faced with the very real possibility of having to do all of this yourself. On top of that, you will have to ensure that you keep everything within the requirements of the local state educational authorities. This can seem a daunting prospect, but with the right support it should not be difficult. The requirements are relatively easy to satisfy if the correct groundwork has been carried out in advance.

Homeschooling has the disadvantage of not having specialist teachers for each subject, as you would find in a traditional school. The counter-balance to this is that there is the opportunity to tailor the learning curriculum and teaching style directly to the needs of the individual student in a way traditional schools simply cannot do. Good home school groups will be able to advise you as to how you can best tailor the course to your child’s needs.

Homeschooling is suitable for children of all ages, including those who have not yet reached the age where they will attend school. Parents who have chosen to send their children to a traditional school can still benefit from the provision of home learning before the child is of school age. This can be a great help in making sure the child settles in to school, and is not overwhelmed by the learning experience. Finding a good support group is also strongly recommended for these parents.The next obvious question is where do you find these support groups which are so important to your child’s future? The answer, as it so often is, is on the Internet. Even if you are looking for a local group which meets regularly in person, you are still most likely to find it through a local Internet search. You can use the search engines, or you can look on specialist sites which have lists of support groups for each area. Obviously, you are more likely to find such a group if you live in a major metropolitan area. If you are located rurally, and cannot find a group near you, there is plenty of support available on Internet forums. You don’t need to be physically present to get great help from home school groups.