How to Make Emoji Cupcakes

I hope you are having a wonderful 2017 so far! I fell in love with emojis during 2016, so I wanted to make something emoji themed. I had an extra box of cake mix in my pantry and a whole bunch of chewy candies I’ve been “saving” from Halloween. So BAMM and this idea was created!

The first thing we have to do is tint vanilla frosting with 5 drops of yellow and one drop of red. This will make a yellowish-orange color, perfect for the face of an emoji!

Then using your chewy candies, pop them in the microwave for no less than 5 seconds to soften them. Using your hands shape the candies into whatever shape you want. With all the colors of the rainbow on hand, the possibilities of emojis are endless.

For the eyes, eyebrows and mouth I used Tootsie Rolls and rolled them out to thin cylinders and cut them and shaped them to my liking. I also used Starbursts as the tongue, blush, and hearts for the emojis. Then for the white parts, I used the vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls for them. For the crying/laughing emoji, I cut circular blue hard candies to the shape of teardrops.

For the poop emoji, which is my favorite and (I think it is) cutest emoji EVER, I popped on a Hershey’s kiss chocolate on top of the cupcake. (OK, in my case this was just after the holidays, so the candy cane kisses were going to do.) Then I rolled the Tootsie Roll to a thicker width than the other emojis. I wrapped that around the kiss and then shaped the vanilla Tootsie Roll in the shape of the eyes and another one the shape of it’s mouth.

Then your Poopsie :) will look like the picture above. Oh, yes and roll another Tootsie candy for the pupils. Yay, I was so happy with these results (especially the poop) and I hope you try it out for yourself!

Love you, Cassidy!

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