Just A Reminder

(These are my littles. They are my world. It’s such an honor to be their mother.)

Just A Reminder

Just a reminder…

When she has friends spend the night let them paint your nails and do your make-up
When she asks you to watch her perform her dance, watch intensively.
When she tells stories, listen.
Let her dress herself often, it will build her self esteem.
Take the time to listen to her, she has a lot to say. About everything.
When he tells a joke laugh sincerely.
Let him wear his dragon costume everywhere.
When he doesn’t understand take the time to explain it.
When he’s scared to go down the waterside, go with him.
When he asks you to play trains, stop and play.
When he wakes up at 5am consider it more snuggle time.
When he says momma all day long, soak it up.
Play peek a boo often.
Tickle wrestle at least three times a day.
Let them help in the kitchen, even if it’s a bigger mess, it’s worth it.
Read to them.
Play with them at the park.
Jump in the bounce house with them.
Put your phone down.
Set time limits for TV and electronics.
Take them on dates – one on one time.
Teach them to create things with their hands (sew, paint, woodwork).
Tell them stories of when you were a kid, they’ll love it.
Teach them how to clean, and be joyful during the chore.
Teach them what family means.
Pray with them.
Pray for them.
Tell them who they are in Christ.
Know scripture so you can teach them how and when it applies.
Grow a garden, I promise they will be happy to eat the vegetables.
Apologize to them when you make a mistake.
Love your spouse in front of them.
Teach them the value of hard work.
Show them grace.
Tell them how much you love them several times a day.
Hug and kiss them as much as possible.

Never stop trying to be a better parent for them. I heard once that parenting is like dancing with the music constantly changing. A new song requires a different dance. Rejoice in i! It goes by way too fast!

I’m currently reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp. You might enjoy it as well.

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