Good Parenting Isn’t Easy

Good parenting isn't easy
Being a good parent isn’t easy. Honestly it’s not always fun either. No one said it would be. If they did they were lying to you. Parenting is tough. Especially when you have to stand your ground. 
Do you have a strong willed child? If you’re thinking…Hmm..I’m not sure. Then you don’t. You will know if you have a strong willed child. Trust me, you would know. 
This past week was my oldest daughter’s birthday. She wanted to celebrate with frozen yogurt after supper. Sounded like a great idea to me. We were all seated around the dinner table finishing up supper. I had made chicken casserole per the birthday girl’s request.
My two year old wasn’t touching it. He took one bite. I told him if he didn’t finish his supper he wouldn’t be getting frozen yogurt like everyone else. He is strong willed that two year old. Lucky for him he has a precious angelic little face to go along with that strong will.
He didn’t finish his dinner. No where close.
We were not going to sit around the table waiting on him to not eat. Everyone was done but him. There were even a few who had seconds! He clearly had plenty of time to eat his small portion. 
I had already laid out the law of the land. Don’t finish your supper – No Fro yo for you!
I had to stand my ground. 
It was a battle of the wills and Momma is gonna WIN! 
So…. I packed it up and took it with us. 
Here he is in all his glory. 
See…. sweet face.
He took one more bite but never finished his dinner. He didn’t get frozen yogurt that night.
I wanted him to eat yogurt with us. I would have loved to have seen his face while he piled on the toppings. (FYI- fruity pebbles tastes amazing on fro yo, you’re welcome)
More importantly I want him to learn that I mean what I say. 
You can’t waiver when it comes to parenting. Your children need you to be consistent. They need boundaries, rules and consequences.
My desire is that they will obey Momma, because one day they will need to obey God.
It starts when they are small.
As a parent you must walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
Sometimes it isn’t easy or fun.
But you know what? Next time we are planning on going to get frozen yogurt and I tell him he must eat all his dinner I’m sure he will cause he knows momma means business. Then I will get to praise him once he does. That will make it all worth it.

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