My Healthy Journey as a Junk Food Addict


I felt awful last night and all day today. Last night after I left my co-workers house I started feeling sick, like I was going to throw up.  I went to bed, waking up feeling the same way.  All day I have felt a weird feeling in my stomach and extremely tired.  I’m calling it a junk food hangover.  I know I said this last night, but it is amazing how bad you feel after eating something not healthy, when you have eaten healthy for so long.  It really makes you think what the bad foods do to your body.  Think about it – when you are used to eating junk and then one day you eat nothing but healthy foods, you feel great!  But, when you are used to eating healthy foods and one day switch to junk, you feel like poop! 

This is making me want to do some research on the effects junk food has on you.  I know I have done a lot of research on the effects healthy foods has on you, but never the opposite.  Post on that to come soon.  Anyway, I know my body needs healthy foods right now, but the uneasy feeling in my stomach makes me not want to eat anything.  Regardless, I headed to work with a bag full of health foods.

The morning started off with some yogurt. 

1. 1/2 cup Fat Free Stonyfield
2. French Vanilla Yogurt,
3. 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
4. a splash of acai juice, and 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Cereal for some crunch. 

Yummy!  For lunch, I had a turkey sandwhich on my Arnold Sandwhich thins.  I know cheese is not good for you (lots of calories and fat), but I believe it to be a good source of dairy and just have to have cheese on my sandwiches.  So, mine had 1 piece of low fat swiss cheese.  I also added some cucumber slices and spicy brown mustard.  With my sandwich, I had a cup of Curry Chicken and Rice soup.Because my stomach was feeling queasy, I skipped all of my afternoon snacks.  Probably not good, because my body probably needs the nutrition at this point.  And because of my food hangover and the cold and rainy weather, I also skipped my run this evening.  It was supposed to be 3.5 miles, but I really am just not feeling it, and came right home to get into my (husband’s) cozy pajamas – they are so warm!!For dinner, we are having a sauteed chicken with sweet potato “chips” and some broccoli.  It wasn’t the delicious meal I had hoped, but it was food, and healthy food.First, the sweet potatoes were supposed to be “chips.” But after accidently cooking them too long, they were too soft and I ended up just mashing them.  Even though they didn’t come out crispy like chips, the potatoes were still really good! I love anything sweet potato!

Second, the chicken was marinated in some combination of 1/2 cup low fat buttermilk, 1 tbsp honey, and some spices.  The marinade was not flavorful, so the chicken was kind of blah. 
The broccoli was the best part of the meal, seasoned with red wine vinegar, pepper, lemon pepper and onion powder.

Now I’m relaxing on the couch with Izzy while Francesco cleans up for dinner (love him for doing this every night!).  We’re watching Dancing with the Stars, which Izzy just happens to love.  We’re both wrapped in our snuggies on the couch on this cold, rainy night.  Probably just taking it easy the rest of the night and hopefully getting some sleep. I want to be rested so I can get back in my running routine tomorrow!  I got a new pair of running shoes today and just got the thing you put in your Nike + shoe, and I’m super excited to use it!

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