Taking shape – but lots of mud and the odd bit of snow too!

It’s been a busy few weeks! We’ve seen the windows go in, the walls of the swim spa enclosure go up, 35 cubic metres of mushroom compost plus all the floorboards get delivered, an 800 metre trench get dug to lay the phone cable and, in between for light relief, a few trucks getting stuck in mud (if they’d just stick to the roadway or have decent tyres all would be well…sigh..).

We pulled one out with Ken’s twin cab, a neighbour hauled the truck delivering the floorboards all the way up to the house with his tractor (although it was dry and the road is good, the truck had bald tyres and couldn’t make it up the hill…). But the weirdest of all was watching Stephen Lebner from Little Dirt Works pulling a huge truck and trailer back onto the road with his single cab Ute. It looked a bit like an airport apron tug pulling a jumbo onto the runway.

10.8.13-Fixing-gateway-KS_0548-300x225Between the compost truck and Telstra’s contractor laying the phone line, the entrance to the driveway got pretty churned up and the drainage pipe which was already starting to go at the edges, gave up the ghost. No trucks could get in so Stephen and James Lebner spent the weekend replacing the pipe, widening the gateway and resurfacing the entrance way.

While Stephen and James worked on the entrance way, Jarydd got stuck into the ditch draining into the main dam to clear it out and make sure that water could drain into the dam without getting dammed up.

It looks like it worked (with some help from a fair bit of rain the past week and even some snow) and both dams are full to overflowing which makes us very happy. We’ll pump water up to the irrigation tanks before the end of the winter rains to make sure we have as much water as possible stored before the summer begins.

The swim spa enclosure is nearly ready for its roof now too. Swimming pools are unbelievably pricy here (everything is come to think of it…) so we thought this would be a great compromise – a combination jacuzzi / swimming pool about 3×6 metres.

17.8.13-Swimspa-Enclosure-5601-300x198Powerful jets at the end create a current you swim against. You get the strength of the jet just right for your swimming speed. Too weak and you’ll swim into the wall. Too strong and you’ll find yourself shot backwards. Wonder how fast it could propel you? Could be quite fun…

The swim spa is already in place (protected by a cover under the blue tarpaulin and wooden pallets) and the enclosure is being built around it. Should be lovely on a cold wintery day sitting and bubbling away in the pool, looking out at the wonderful views through the windows!

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