Resolution Time – Part II


Last week I posted the first part of my 2016 resolutions. Yes, there are three different parts and that may seem overwhelming, but they’re such small things that are so easily forgotten in my day-to-day.

I find many of these resolutions to be easy to improve upon, and super attainable even in the short term. And since this year I’ve not only made an actual written list of my goals, but I uploaded them to the internet for everyone to see, that’s definitely helping to keep me accountable. We’re two weeks into the new year, and already I’ve been upping my veggie intake, been to a few yoga classes, and increased my tea consumption (from zero… ha): Success! And because I’m a classic overachiever, I just have to add to my lists when they’re anything but unbearably full. So without further ado, here we go: round two of what’s up for 2016!{beautiful cake pops}

10. Use my crockpot more- I don’t mind eating the same thing for lunch all week, and a crockpot is perfect for making huge batches of lunch without much effort. It’s all about time-efficiency!

11. Take better care of my teeth- I’m a notorious grinder, and rarely floss. My teeth are resilient, but they won’t be forever!

12. Stretch more- I’ve struggled with joint and muscle stiffness for much of the last ten years, and waking up an extra 10 minutes earlier to stretch every day can’t hurt! (also see 2 from resolutions part I)

13. Buy more handmade items- I love handmade jewelry and decor, and I love the idea of supporting the individual artists. Hello, Etsy!

14. Browse the local market- Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market isn’t too far from where I live. It’s got gourmet food, handmade jewelry (see 13), and such a great vibe.

15. Master the cake pop- What can I say? As a baking fanatic, these cute pops have eluded me thus far–I will make cake pops, and they will look edible!

16. Become a better blogger- I’m new to the game, and would love for my html/css skills to improve, to see me get more into my site’s design, and just figure this whole thing out! I’d like to inspire people like some of my favourite bloggers inspire me.

17. Listen more, talk less- I’m chronically chatty, and sometimes feel that I don’t spend enough time listening and observing. This one’s a huge goal for me this year.

18. Vacuum more often- My least favourite chore, which isn’t helped my my sad 1970s vacuum situation. For health and cleanliness, I will vacuum more!

I’m proud to report that this time around, I wrote this entire post with a nice straight back. See? Progress. That’s what it’s all about, right? How’s everyone else doing with their resolutions so far? Happy Monday!

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