When it comes to pimples, people often say that it’s no big deal, but it’s not true. Anyone who have struggled with these annoying and painful pimples, knows that getting pimples can become more than just a skin problem. I’ve had struggled with pimples in the past, somethings really make my life hard. I went to the dermatologist, tried antibiotics and different prescription topical meds, but nothing really helped.

You Are Not Alone
Have you ever cancelled plans because you were concern your pimples? If you’re suffering with pimples, don’t worry, you’re not alone. And keep in mind “it’s not your fault”. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affect 80% of teens, 25% of adult men, over 50% of adult women. Puberty and pimples go hand in hand. The question is: how get rid of pimples fast without having to indulge in expensive medication? Or what do you do to treat it?

Understand Pimples
There are a number of myths about acne. The main causes of pimples is hormones. When your body produce hormones, also called androgens, cause oil glands to become over active in the hair follicle, which brings about an immersion of the organ. When excess oil and dead skin cells clumping together to form a sticky plug, then developing acne. Additionally, other things can cause pimples include: stress, food, nutritional imbalances, etc.

My Ideas
It’s been a long journey from treating pimple in nose, but I discovered a few things that did work. My skin as finally stabilized due to I follow these great tips for pimples.

1. Change your diet
Many dietary factors may contribute to acne. Changing your diet really does work. Drinking more water and eating fresh fruits! A high-fat diet increases the amounts of fats in and on the skin. As you mentioned acne is caused from an increase in androgens, fat foods increase hormone production in your body. Instead of these processed foods and sweets, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains can reduce the risk of developing pimples. It took a while to see a result, but I stuck to it.

2. Get naked
Women have understood the importance of looks for ages. The society has taught women to rely on makeup to feel beautiful. But if you’re not careful makeup can make pimples or make pimples worse. On the other hand, applying makeup too roughly can cause irritation which can also trigger pimples. Of course, makeup comes in handy when you’re trying to hide a breakout. To avoid pimples caused by makeup, try to use these good hygiene and oil-free products.

3. Stress
Most of us have experienced an acne flare up when stress in on the rise. And studies have been able to find a relationship between acne and stress. The added stress influence the hormone in the immune system, which increase the oil in your skin. The best option is to try and remove the stress from your life, while the best way to reduce stress is exercising. Make a plan and spend 10 – 20 minutes engaged in physical exercise each day can be helpful. Not only does exercising reduce the risk of acne, but improves the whole health of body.


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