How to Build a Unique Wooden Gate Using Creative Ideas to Maximize Time


Everyone knows that home improvement projects generally double in terms of money spent on the project versus the amount of value that the home gains from performing such upgrades. One of the most common outdoor upgrades that homeowners flock to completing is the wooden privacy fence. There is nothing like it; that is, having a backyard completely enclosed with nice-looking wooden slat fencing at sex feet tall, blocking the surrounding neighbor’s view into the happenings of your back yard festivities. Not to mention, adding a privacy fence can clean up the aesthetics of your property and can make it a much more appealing property for appraisers, neighbors, and passers-by. However, once the fence is completely, one must decide on the one part of the uniform fortress that sets it apart from every other wooden fence in the neighborhood: The gate. “Oh Wow! I love it!”

Yes, that’s right. The gate sets the fence apart. It is the only piece of the fence that will draw the eyes of the onlookers, making the imagination of these people wander in amazement. That is, as long as you provide a unique gate with a design that will set it apart from everyone else’s enclosure.

So, how do you go about building the perfect gate with the perfect design? You can, of course, use your miter saw (I used Hitachi C10FCE2 (review) to cut the wood, it’s a workhorse) to make decorative and perfectly-placed cuts in the wood that will adorn your pathway to backyard bliss. Think of a design that embodies your personality. For your writer, abstract designs would be the best approach to take. After setting up the standard gate with hinges, perhaps take some leftover wood and draw your designs on them. Then, cut these designs out with your miter saw, making sure they are appropriately traced so the design can be followed with every bit of detail.

Next, after you have used your miter to cut out these designs, chose the best way to affix them to the underlying basic gate structure. For instance, let us imaging that you wished to outfit the top posts surrounding your gate with diagonally-inward-facing triangles that would give your posts the appearance of spiked wooden tips. Then, after you have made the cuts for your designs, simply affix them to the appropriate area on your gate with wood fasteners.

In the end, you can probably get this project done in less than a day. By the time you are finished, you will end up with a gate that matches your personality or is maybe just a nice-looking distraction from all of the plain gates of your neighborhood. Either way you look at it, your fence will be as unique as you are, the value of your home will like rise by a few thousand dollars, and you will be the envy of your plain-gated neighbors! This is a win-win situation any way you look at it.


  • 24″ level (or larger)
  • Drill w/bits
  • Tape measure
  • Miter saw and miter saw stand
  • Triangle
  • ratchet w/socket for bolts


  • Wood
  • Metal hardware
  • bolts

PS: Make sure the bolts aren’t going to be longer than the thickness of your 2×4.

Building a fence gate | Instructables