My Crazy Week With Some Amazing Purchases and Fall is Here


This week has been pretty crazy for us and the cold weather is making it really hard for me to get up at 0 dark thrity and run. It was a huge accomplishment for me to start getting up in the mornings but I’m afraid early and cold is another story. I am really glad however that I have signed up for two races that will require me to train through the cold weather. It is definitely going to be a challenge but one that I will take on with Exuberance and Gusto!

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for one of my lifelong friends daughter. We have been friends probably since we were about 2 or 3 years old and it is amazing that we are still connected! I think that says a lot to who we are and how important our friendship is. They live in the Charleston area and I can’t stress enough how much I love it down there. I lived in Charleston for a short time and would go back in a heartbeat! View going into their neighborhood! Spanish moss on trees is really romantic! Off their dock – the waterway at low tide. The kids really loved going out there and watching the water and the little crabs that run around. This was a total act on their part. G copies everything C does and then laughs.

They went on a hayride which was really fun and got to “bob” for apples. They actually just reached in and grabbed theirs.We got back late Saturday night and then I had to run 14 miles the next morning. I will say that I was exhausted all day long and sore, so I took an Ice Bath that night. Brrr!! Need I say more. (sorry this is a repeat from the post the other day.)We had a cuddle day and just hung out for the most part. As my babies get older I don’t get that snuggle time I use to so when they both want to I am more than willing to take it!Love when he wants me to Snuggle him during his nap

Monday resulted in a Rest day and we had the kids Fall Festival at school that night. They were absolutely adorable and C performed a song with his class. They both wanted to get their faces painted too! I had plenty of time on Monday too when the kids were in school to go buy us all a new pair of shoes, except my husband. He likes to pick his own and he already has some he thinks are fine. Either way it was a great day! Love my new Brooks Ravenna’s, they are just as amazing as my other pair! I love the box that Brooks has for their shoes! It just makes me smile!Tuesday was another unplanned rest day for what reason I can’t remember, but Wednesday I was up bright and early. I really do love the early morning runs when it is dark and quiet. The moon was incredibly bright and I’ve gotten accustom to seeing shooting stars almost every morning that I run early. I love it!

Wednesday I had to go to C’s class and show the kids how to carve a pumpkin so inevitably we had to do another one at home for G to help with. Their friends from next door came help too. We carved a face on one side and then a paw on the other for the Clemson Tigers! This is what my husband has to endure when he is home working. They kids attack him from every angle. Pretty rough if you ask me! He loves it! (Excuse the mess, our house usually starts out all picked up in the morning and by the afternoon you would think a tornado came through.) I went on a run Thursday when C was in school so I had to take G with me in the stroller. My sweet neighbor let me borrow her jogger (I sold ours a while back). It was very difficult! I really give all you mom’s that run with their kids mad props because it is a workout. I included some hills so I opted out of any speed work. I’m not sure if I could have even managed it to be honest.G really has it rough, snacks and a book on a beautiful day! I got my order of Energy bits just in time for my run on Thursday. Thank goodness I did because I needed all the extra energy I could get for that one. I’ll have a full review of them in a couple weeks for you guys as well as a Giveaway!

I have also been on the hunt for a great headband that won’t move on my head when I’m running. I really think I don’t have the right head shape to hold a band in place properly. But alas, I was proven wrong when I bought my Sweaty Band! It really doesn’t move an inch. I will be getting more of these for sure! A fun moment that C caught on my camera! He really loves taking pictures!Has anyone tried Wolfgang Puck’s soups before? I’m not a huge fan of canned soup but in the Fall and Winter I really like to have some on hand for when I need a quick lunch, plus this was Organic and Gluten Free. I was surprised by how good this actually was. I also got the Lentil soup to try.

Getting ready for the weekend and have to get the Halloween costumes picked out and done too. You guys will have to be surprised on Monday with what they are going to be!So excited that Fall is here and we get to do all these fun Fall activities!Good Luck to all those running races this weekend! How is the colder weather affecting your running schedule? What are you planning on being for Halloween or what are your kids going to be? What is your favorite cold weather food?I really love my Mom’s Chili all year but especially during the Fall and Winter.

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